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Map for a Cause: Volunteer to Combat Climate Crises 🌎

Connect, contribute, and make a global impact with your team on July 31, 2024.
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Date & Time
July 31, 2024

Accurate mapping is crucial for identifying at-risk communities. Many vulnerable areas lack detailed maps, reducing their visibility to decision-makers and potentially limiting aid during disasters or epidemics.

By joining this event, you will help create life-saving maps that support communities worldwide in preparing for and responding to disasters.

Why join?

  • No planning burden: We manage all logistics. Just show up and make a difference with your Environmental ERG.‍
  • Boost employee well-being: Volunteering enhances mental health and job satisfaction.‍
  • Strengthen team bonds: Shared volunteer experiences build stronger workplace relationships.
  • ‍‍Amplify a great cause: Create maps to reduce the impact of climate crises, disasters, and disease outbreaks‍
  • Vital Mapping: Accurate maps are crucial for identifying at-risk areas, aiding disaster response, and supporting vulnerable communities.

Event details:

  • When: Wednesday, July 31, 2024 from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
  • Where: LIVE on Zoom
  • Nonprofit partner: Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team– This international team provides essential map data, revolutionizing disaster management, reducing risks, and supporting the Sustainable Development Goals, including environmental sustainability, gender equity, and refugee response.

Engage your employees. Make a difference.

Employees are eager to contribute to meaningful causes, and data shows volunteer programs significantly enhance well-being, morale, and retention. At Percent Pledge, our mission is to make it easy for your employees to engage in meaningful volunteer activities. Let's map the world, together!

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